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Storytellers Is the Name – No BS About It

QUICK! FAST! NOW! Texts, tweets, emojis – that's how we communicate. So what’s an attention span these days? Less than the spaces between your eyes and ears. If you're selling something and you have competitors, it's more important than ever to break out from the herd – but fast.

Good news: you don’t need megabucks to do it.

You need Storytellers.

We serve a wide variety of clients throughout Connecticut and Metropolitan New York — Florida, too. And we also have a few national accounts. Which lets us take trips. Fun.

Traditional, digital, social – it's all right here. We'll put you in the right places in front of the right faces at the best prices to get you noticed, talked about, remembered..and wealthier than you are now.

(As for the photos on our site – there's a really good story behind every one!)


Creative Storytelling A Go-Go

Every business has a story. What's yours? What makes you different? Better? We'll help you polish up that diamond and then present it in a way that makes people laugh, cry, think...BUY!

Hence our name.

Need the spark to ignite your business and make YOU the go-to guys in your field? We've got an unlimited supply of ideas — things you might not think of in a zillion years (if you did, we might be checking out YOUR website right now).

Toys, toys, toys

You're Gonna Like Us – Really, Really Like Us

When you do good work, provide top-notch service in a flash AND charge a fair price, customers tend to stick around...for five, ten, 18 years – some more than 20.

That's just ridiculous.  But true.

long story short

Not just a bunch of old stuff – memories galore!

Advertising, Marketing, Branding, Media, Graphic Design – the Whole Shebang

If you can BRAND it, WATCH it, 

LISTEN to it, BLAST it, READ it, 

DRIVE by it, PRINT it,  

CLICK on it, MAIL it, FOLLOW it, 

SEARCH for it, RETARGET it...

We do it.

A Note About Metrics

The ability to measure the results of your advertising is awesome. But having a message that packs a wallop is still, and always will be, more precious than gold — simply because it enables you to spend less to make an impression — regardless of media. 


Take a Test Drive

Although we're a soup-to-nuts agency, we're more than happy to start with one project to see if the shoe fits. And then take a long ride together. 


Still Here?

We're done talking (did we miss anything?). If you want the real skinny on Storytellers, we have heaps of praise from some happy campers which we would be delighted to share.

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lend us your ears

Radio is entertaining. Your ads should be, too. 

Let's Light this Candle!

Who are you, what do you do and what do you need from us?

Just an email or phone call away...

I'm gonna give you my personal cell phone number – but ONLY to you (don't want to miss your call). 

Or you can email or text me like most people do. 

I'll get back to you yesterday.

Giaccone & Smith Storytellers

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